Our mission
OPCGLOBAL is committed to delivering fast, efficient capabilities to its readers in an easy-to-use form, designed to fit the needs of any reader. We have a staff of dedicated researchers who consider it mission-critical to deliver news of extreme quality and accuracy - superior to any news available in the marketplace today. With reporters from different countries, our news will be delivered quickly, efficiently and straight to the point.
Offers innovative  international news
OPC GLOBAL provides  innovative and breakthrough news. We have the capability and experience to offer a broad range of news based upon state of the art technologies, and in real time.

Our work team


Giovanni Di Stefano CEO
Giovanni Di Stefano is the founder and occasional contributor for OPCGLOBAL. He is  known as 'The Devil's Advocate' for having represented and won cases for globally high profile clients.
Caroline Anne- Editor
Caroline Anne is Editor of OPCGLOBAL. Caroline is well known for her wit and wisdom and together with her 25 years media and marketing skills has helped in the growth of OPC,
Anthony John - Sports Editor
Antony grew up in the UK with a very strong passion for sport, he went very close to turning professional as a goal keeper but a tragic accident ended any chance he had. He turned his sports ambition to sports opinion, his opinions are refreshing and his contact list for stories and information are impressive. OPC would like to welcome him to the team as Contributing Sports Editor.
Maria Wera Cedrell - Contributing Editor - War correspondent

Co-founder and Journalist/ Author/ Producer, who has been working as a freelance reporter and independent producer for more than twenty years. Ms Cedrell has worked with a variety of the top media agencies, including WTN [Worldwide Television News], where she was awarded the "Most Scoop Award -98" for her investigative reports in the Middle East.

Anna Meri Di Stefano - Contributing Editor

Married with three children but by no means a bored housewife, Anna joins the team on 'The Woman' section.

Barry Scott Sussman - Criminal Justice Editor
Born and raised in New Jersey, Barry graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Sociology.  He has a JD from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law specializing in Federal Criminal Procedure and Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct.
Robin Graves – A.T.W.A. Natural Rights Defender & Activist - Contributing News Anchor
Born in 1933, Robin’s father is a twin and a 78 year old Multiple Sclerosis survivor; “beatnik” Wayne State University of Michigan, Music graduate who won a scholarship in Downbeat Magazine to the prestigious Juilliard School of music.  He had a huge personal library of all the religions and sciences of the world during his generation.
Milan Rajacic - Contributing Editor Sports and Eastern European Affairs

A graduate of Anglia Ruskin College in Cambridge and ex-pupil of Gordonstoun School, fluent in five languages. Milan is a contributing editor on sports and Eastern European Affairs.

Kay Hamm - Contributing Editor- Economic Affairs

After completing her education in Los Angeles, Kay became a Pan Am flight attendant. 

The award winning TV series 'Pan Am' was partly based on her experiences. Kay has considerable experience in the property, banking and insurance sector and enjoys penning articles about current world affairs.