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Five women have branded Sir Jimmy Savile a sexual predator who allegedly raped and abused them when they were underage schoolgirls.

The explosive sex grooming allegations are made in a documentary to be aired on national TV on Wednesday night.


The women, now in their fifties, claim Sir Jimmy was at the peak of his fame when he is said to have molested them in his Rolls-Royce, at a hospital, a school and the BBC Television centre



One of the alleged victims claims the Top of The Pops DJ raped her in his dressing room, while another alleges she lost her virginity to him when she was 15.


In the ITV1 documentary, Exposure: The other Side of Jimmy Savile, the star, who died last year aged 84, is accused of allegedly:

  • Promising a victim he would not rape her but then did

  • Asking one girl to perform an indecent act on him in the back of his Rolls

  • Wearing a shell suit so that he could easily pull down the elastic trousers to assault his victims.

  • Giving a girl who said she lost her virginity to him, his autobiography with a message written inside which said: 'No escape' and signing it her 'keeper'.


The documentary also features damning contributions from former BBC production staff who reveal that the star’s predatory behaviour with girls as young as 12 was an open secret.


One woman given the pseudonym Angie claimed she lost her virginity in a London hotel room with Savile who later gave her his autobiography in 1974 with the message inside 'No escape' and signing it her 'keeper.'


She said he regularly abused her in his dressing room. She claimed: 'There was a little sort of couch and he would have me lie down on it just to do the sex act.


'It was very quick and unemotional and that was it. I wasn't able to do anything about it. I just feel he took huge advantage of me.'


Savile, knighted for raising millions for charity, is said to have preyed on girls at Duncroft Approved School for Girls in Staines, Surrey, when he visited in the 1970s in his caravan.


A former pupil given the pseudonym Fiona, was 14 when she says she was abused after being invited to be in the audience of his show Clunk Click.


She says: 'He had an alcove in his dressing room and took you behind the curtain. He wanted you to sit on his knee while he spun you around in the chair.'


Fiona alleged he would lure girls by taking them out in his car when he visited the school.


She claimed that the first time he abused her was in the back of his Rolls-Royce while pupils were at picnic tables in the grounds.


'I was having this wonderful day out and was expected to pay for it. And that's what I did.'


'Blocked our ears': Broadcaster Esther Rantzen, pictured above,  now believes that Jimmy Savile was a child abuser after watching the documentary. She said that some in television 'colluded with him as a child abuser'


After viewing the documentary, Esther Rantzen has told how some in broadcasting ‘blocked our ears’ to claims about Jimmy Savile made during his career.


In an emotional interview, the broadcaster and Childline founder told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I feel that we in television, in his world, in some way colluded with him as a child abuser – because I now believe that’s what he was. We all blocked our ears. There was gossip, there were rumours.



I think people need to know that there was another side to him and it was quite a dark side. He was a predator really, a predator on young girls.

The first time something happened he actually got me into an alcove in the dressing room and he pushed me back against the wall and then it was a hand up the skirt and touching me.

He did it on various occasions in various places and it was always very quick, a quick fumble, hand up the skirt and that was it.

When I was 16 one of these fumbles then turned into sex, full sex.he promised me he wasn't going all way, but he did.

There was no foreplay, no romance, no taking off clothes. So was, I'm sure, why he always wore a shellsuit so he could just whip his elastic bottoms down very quickly .

As a mature woman now, I look back and I think I was actually raped on that first occasion because I definitely didn't know we were going to have full sex and I definitely said to him

"You're not going to go all the way". So looking back I think, "Oh my God, he actually raped me".

I was very young and he was in his 40s. I think when he was alive I would have been too frightened to have spoken out


To have this gentleman say he wanted to take two or three of you out, with just him, it was freedom, it was wonderful.

The very first time he abused me it was actually in the back of his car.

We were in the car park and the other girls were sat at one of those picnic tables, and I was sat with him on my own in the back of the car and I knew the moment he asked me to stay in the car with him, I knew what was expected of me.

Because I was having this wonderful day out and I was expected to pay for it. And that's what I did.

I now know it was wrong and I can still get very angry about it, but nobody believed me then, so I don't expect anybody to believe me now.

By the time I'd finished spending some time with him, the wire from my bra had come up over the top of my breast.

And he hadn't restrained himself just to my breasts, he'd also had a good fumble around in my knickers and it didn't make me feel comfortable or good about myself, but I thought it was expected of me.

At the BBC he had an alcove in his dressing room that had a curtain over it and he would take you behind the curtain.

He often wanted you to sit on his knee whilst he spun round in the chair, you could feel him whilst you were sitting


It was quick and it was in a London hotel. He invited me to come round. When I got there it was chitchat first of all.

And before I knew it he had me on the bed and he was having sex with me.

Jim didn't do kissing, he didn't do emotion or foreplay or anything.

It was just basically what he wanted - in and out and that was it.

And afterwards it was as though nothing had happened.

I was very naive. I had no idea what was happening and in the light of day he was a middle-aged man, he was in his early 40s.

He shouldn't be doing that to 15-year-olds.

And actually I'm quite angry and it's quite repulsive what he did to me and other girls.


We all went into this caravan and Jimmy Savile was there and the teacher was saying to us: "Oh he's going to do a recording of all you girls and he's going to play it on the radio".

I don't know if he beckoned me first but I do remember that I sat on his lap. Then the next thing, I felt this hand, sort of go up my jumper and on my breast.

I jumped up, I absolutely freaked out and started swearing and "What do you think you're doing?" And then I was just dragged out of the caravan by two of the staff.

I was told what a filthy mouth I have, how can I make those terrible accusations.

I was taken upstairs to the isolation unit, left there for two or three days and said that I could come back when I refrained from saying such filthy things.

‘It’s very distressing. We made him into the Jimmy Savile who was untouchable, who nobody could criticise. He was a sort of god-like figure. Everybody knew of the good that Jimmy did and what he did for children. And these children were powerless.


‘What these women say is so matter of fact, they corroborate each other. The style of the abuse and the attack on them was consistent one with each other. I’m afraid the jury isn’t out any more and what upsets me so much is that not one of these children could ask for help. The abuse of power was as great as the sexual abuse.’

A BBC spokesman said it had found no record of ‘misconduct or allegations of misconduct’ by Savile during his time at the BBC.



'He was all over me': 14-year-old Coleen Nolan (pictured with Savile on Top Of The Pops in 1979) said she was horrified when he intimately cuddled her on the show

Singer Coleen Nolan, who does not appear in the ITV programme, revealed four years ago that she was horrified when Savile intimately cuddled her in 1979 on Top Of The Pops when she was 14. She said: ‘He was all over me. I could see my sisters glaring, “You touch her and we’ ll kill you!” – and they would have done.’


After the concert at Stoke Mandeville hospital, while everyone was getting on the coach to leave, I ran up to him to let him know I was the one who had sent him the letter about the choir.

Before I knew what had happened he'd stuck his tongue into my mouth.
It didn't seem to bother him that other people could have seen what he was doing.

I was just so shocked. I pulled away and dashed on to the coach. I couldn't believe what had happened.

Looking back now, as an adult, I realise he'd been grooming me by calling me at home and arranging to come and see me in the choir.

A child protection expert who investigated the claims for ITV tells the programme he is convinced Savile, who died last year, would face arrest if still alive.


Mark Williams-Thomas, who for 12 years was a detective and child protection officer, spent a year talking to Savile’s former victims.


He reportedly said ‘They were in awe of an individual who could give them a great number of benefits, and so the abuse could go on and on unchecked.


'The women thought no one would believe them then, and even now they are terrified of the potential backlash from his fans and from his estate. But I have no doubt that on the evidence I have gathered, if Savile was still alive I would be banging on his door to get him nicked.’


Mr Williams-Thomas was a child protection officer with Surrey Police and worked on the prosecution of pop impresario Jonathan King on charges of sex with underage boys.


Since leaving the police, he has become a consultant on child protection and fronted the ITV documentary To Catch A Paedophile.


He said: ‘Early last year I was asked by a contact if I was aware of allegations that had circulated for years about Savile and young girls and if I knew of an investigation into a complaint made to Surrey police in 2007.

‘When Savile died, I began an investigation and was put in contact with several women who alleged they had been abused by him.’


The shocking conclusion of his investigation is that Savile, who was the face of Top Of The Pops for three decades as well as Jim’ll Fix It, groomed girls as young as 12 for sex.


During broadcasting: Rantzen (pictured left in 1987 and right last year) said that Savile's style of abuse and the attack on the girls was consistent. 'What upsets me so much is that not one of these children could ask for help,' Rantzen said

Savile’s victims tell strikingly similar stories in the documentary, which is to be screened at 11pm – two hours after the watershed.


Until his death at 84, Savile was seen as an outlandish but avuncular star who loved tracksuits and ostentatious jewellery. But despite his tireless charity work, he never escaped dark rumours about his lifestyle. The ITV investigation makes concrete allegations for the first time.


A nephew of Sir Jimmy has said his family is 'disgusted and disappointed' that allegations have been made when he is no longer around to defend himself.


Roger Foster from Goole, East Yorkshire, said he was not only concerned for his uncle's reputation and legacy but also for the damage the allegations could do to his charities.


He said: 'I just get so disgusted and disappointed by it. The guy hasn't been dead for a year yet and they're bringing these stories out.



It could affect his legacy, his charity work, everything. I'm very sad and disgusted.'

He added: 'I just don't understand the motives behind this. I just think it's very, very sad you can say these things after someone's died and the law says you can't defend yourself when you're dead.'


The woman who worked as Sir Jimmy's personal assistant for 40 years said yesterday she would be shocked if  the allegations were true.


Janet Cope believes his accusers were starstruck fantasists.


She said:'Some of his female fans were attracted to him like bees to a honey pot.'


Janet, now a 70-year-old widow, of Aylesbury, Bucks, added: 'I never had an inkling of him misbehaving or taking advantage of impressionable young girls.


'If there had been I would have seen it and tried to stop it. But if the documentary conclusively proves his guilt then I'd be really shocked.'


She insisted he would never have risked destroying his carefully cultivated public image.


'He was far too savvy, knowing how reputations like his could easily be trashed overnight.


'To my knowledge, he never once stepped out of line. 'I think I'd have known if he had.'


Would have: Savile, who died last year, pictured is his grave, would have faced arrest if still alive, a child protection expert claims on the documentary