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The official story was that this CIA scientist had been doused with LSD and jumped out of the window. He was in fact pushed for objecting to chemical experiments on unwitting US soldiers and citizens. (Were these experiments forerunners of chemtrails?) Olson is an example of how real heroes and those with a conscience are treated.  What is worse is that MI6 were made aware but did not intervene as it was a “made in America problem” according to MI6 files.

In the early morning hours of November 28th, 1953, Frank Olson -- a high-ranking clandestine chemical and biological weapons expert for the US army and CIA -- crashed through a closed window at the Hotel Pennsylvania in downtown Manhattan, plunging 13 stories to his death.


Olson left behind a wife and three small children. His sons are now grown men and are still trying to find out what really happened to their father. 

According to Nils Olsen, Frank Olsen’s son, Frank worked at Fort Detrick, Maryland, headquarters for the military’s biological warfare research and development program, also known as germ warfare.


“My father was a research scientist who was involved with germ warfare, associated with the SO division, which stood for Special Operations. That was the most top secret kind of research that was done out at Fort Detrick, and some of that research was being done in coordination with the CIA.”


Nils said that two weeks before his death, his father went to a three-day conference with some of his colleagues and came home a changed man:


“The weekend after that meeting my father was severely depressed.  He felt that he did something terribly wrong. And he told my mother he had done something wrong but he couldn’t tell her what and she asked him whether or not he had broken security.  And he indicated that he would never do such a thing, but he felt that he had done something terribly wrong.”

The Government investigated CIA abuses


Frank’s boss, Vincent Ruwett, told the Olsons he believed Frank was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Just before Thanksgiving, Ruwett took Frank to New York for treatment.


In New York, Frank shared a hotel room with Dr. Robert Lashbrook, a CIA scientist. Eric Olson, another of Frank’s sons, said that nearly a week passed before they finally heard from their father:


“My father seemed a little more peaceful than he had. He made a call to my mother to say he was all right. They went to sleep fairly early, about 11. And the next thing we know from Lashbrook is that he was awakened by the sound of crashing glass.”


Frank Olson was dead at the age of 43.  Investigators determined that he had either jumped or fallen to his death; something a young Eric Olsen had trouble reconciling:

“I remember as a nine year old, and actually for years after that I was completely stumped and dumbfounded by trying to resolve that alternative. There’s a big difference between a fall or a jump and I couldn’t understand how either of them could’ve occurred.”


The hotel window


The night manager of the hotel, Armond Pastore, found Frank’s death suspicious as well:


“I rushed out to find Frank Olson; eyes wide open, looking straight at me, trying to tell me something. He was definitely trying to speak but there was nothing coming out but grumbles. He was in terrible condition. And I stepped back because now I had to find out where he came from.  I looked up the building and finally I saw a little movement of a window shade. And when I concentrated on that, then I see that the window shade was stuck through a broken window.”

Armond said he immediately took the police to Room 1018A:


“And here is Lashbrook sitting on a john in his skivvies and the police thought to question him and I heard him say, ‘Well all I heard was a crash.’ I walked around the room to look around. Nobody ever jumps through a window.  They open the window and they go out, not dash through a shade and a sheer drape. You know, there’s no sense to that.”


But the Olsons weren’t told about the doorman’s suspicions.  They were told simply that Frank had a nervous breakdown and jumped out a window.  And they believed that for the next 22 years. 


At the time, the media reported that Olson was a 'government scientist'. Olson's death was officially ruled to be a suicide.


Years later, the CIA would admit to covertly dosing Olson with LSD -- nine days prior to his death.


Who Was Frank Olson?

Frank Olson was a top scientist involved in U.S. 'Deep State' covert biological and chemical weapons research, conducted for the US Army and CIA. Olson began his career at the U.S. Army Germ Warfare facilities at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, joining shortly after it opened in 1943.

Olson's son writes,

 "My father was a research scientist who was involved with germ warfare, associated with the Special Operations division. That was the most top secret kind of research that was done out at Fort Detrick, and [was done] in coordination with the CIA."


As 'Deputy Head of Special Operations', Olson was involved in MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, Project Artichoke, Project Bluebird, and MKDELTA. Olson specialized in aerosol delivery systems.


Olson's boss was CIA TSS chief and MKULTRA scientist Dr. Sydney Gottlieb who was in the employ of both the CIA and Lockheed at the time.


Atrocities in Progress:

During May and December of 1950, Olson witnesses CIA 'terminal experiments' in Germany, where non-consenting individuals are administered biological and chemical agents during 'interrogations', always resulting in death. The purpose is to broaden CIA knowledge of useful drugs for assassinations, interrogations, and mind control.

During August 1951, Olson travels to Point-Saint-Espirit, France, where he is involved in a secret MKDELTA experiment known as Project SPAN. An LSD-like ergot compound is covertly sprayed on the French public, resulting in mass psychosis and seven deaths.

During May 1953, Olson witnessed MI6 'terminal experiments' at Porton Down, UK, where innocent soldiers (who thought they are testing a cure for the 'common cold') were in fact administered steadily increasing doses of Sarin nerve gas, resulting in horrible deaths.  The purpose was to determine the ED50 and LD50 of Sarin nerve gas in man.

Frank Olson began to have serious moral doubts about his involvement in government atrocities.

Olson privately expressed his moral objections to Dr. William Sargant (MI6) at Porton Down - conversations which Sargant secretly passed to CIA-higher-ups Sydney Gottlieb and CIA Director Allan Dulles.

The CIA became concerned that Olson was a security risk.  So they arranged for an overnight scientific meeting of Ft. Detrick scientists at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, which Olson was required to attend.

During this meeting, TSS chief Dr. Sydney Gottlieb secretly administered LSD to all the scientists, including Olson.  The true purpose of this Deep Creek LSD party was "to trap [Olson]" -- specifically, to see whether he would be likely to 'spill the beans' on the vast government criminal activity in chemical and biological weapons research.

Olson became livid upon learning of being dosed with LSD without his consent.  The meeting at Deep Creek Lake confirmed to Olson the immorality of the men for which he worked.

Olson returned from Deep Creek to his wife and children, sombre and lucid. He expressed an overwhelming desire to quit the CIA and bio warfare field entirely.

Olson immediately tendered his resignation to Ft. Detrick Special Operations Chief Vincent Ruwet.

The CIA had other plans.

CIA TSS Deputy Dr. Robert Lashbrook had already determined Olson to be a security risk" in a classified memo.  So the CIA convinced Olson to attend a debriefing in New York before they would accept his resignation -- to which Olson travelled with Lashbrook in late November 1953.

Several days later, on November 28th 1953, Olson was murdered by Dr. Robert Lashbrook -- who was in the hotel room when Olson plunged to the concrete below.  Lashbrook didn't even bother to go outside to see if Olson was still alive.

A hotel operator overheard a telephone call made Lashbrook from Olson's hotel room to a number in Long Island, mere minutes after Olson's death outside. The phone call went like this:

CIA TSS Deputy Dr. Robert Lashbrook: "Well, he's gone."


Other Party (CIA TSS Director Dr. Gottlieb): "Well, that's too bad"


A long pause…..

<Both Individuals replace telephone receiver>


Within a few minutes Lashbrook made a call to John Sinclair the then Head of MI6 informing him of the death of Olson. It would appear MI6 had been asked to monitor Olson in case Olson recognised CIA agents who kept him under surveillance.

In 1996, Olson's body was exhumed at the request of his family, and forensic expert James Starrs ruled his death to be a homicide. Olson had sustained blunt force trauma to the temple, which occurred prior to Olson's 'fall'.  


Olson was struck with a heavy object by CIA deputy Robert Lashbrook, and then thrown out the window, as outlined in the declassified 1951 CIA Manual on Assassinations.  No charges were brought due to "lack of evidence" - due to the death of witnesses.

A year and a half later, the Olson family received a formal apology from President Gerald Ford and a check from the government for $750,000.  Nils Olsen recalled how he and his family met with then CIA Chief, William Colby:


“As a result of meeting with William Colby at the CIA, we were given what was supposedly a complete set of documents relating to the events of the last nine days of my father’s life. We learned that he had gone to a retreat in Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland with a group of other scientists. The principle of the meeting was that they were going to be discussing on-going research, but in fact there were agents in the CIA who were meeting with them who decided that they were gonna give them each a dose of LSD without their knowledge or consent and then see what their reaction was.”


The Olsons learned that the LSD was slipped into an after-dinner liqueur by either Sidney Gottlieb; head of the CIA’s Technical Services Staff, or by his deputy, Dr. Robert Lashbrook. The CIA reportedly feared that the Soviet Union might use LSD on captured CIA agents. Gottlieb believed that his “test” would prepare American spies for that possibility.


The laced drinks were served to eight of the ten scientists present.  Some of them, including Frank Olson, were not warned about the test. Within an hour, the LSD began to take effect. According to Nils Olsen, when Gottlieb told the group that their drinks had been spiked with LSD, his father became angry. 


“We understood that my father was quite agitated and was having a serious confusion with separating reality from fantasy.”


Less than a week later, Frank made his fatal trip to New York, supposedly suffering from a nervous breakdown. Frank was taken to see Dr. Harold Abramson, an LSD expert, who worked extensively with the CIA. Accompanying Frank were Robert Lashbrook and Frank’s boss, Vincent Ruwett.


Frank remained in New York, and over the next several days, made repeated visits to the doctor’s office. Eric Olsen says his family was dubious about the supposed treatment:


“It’s impossible to deduce what was accomplished in those meetings. And you certainly don’t see any indication that a treatment process was occurring. You can suspect that some kind of assessment process was going on, the process of which was more to protect the CIA’s interests than it was to help my father.”

Nils Olsen said his father was exhibiting strange behaviour:


“One of the nights that my father was up in New York, he was having delusions that he was hearing voices and in the middle of the night.  He woke up and went and threw all of his identification out and his money.”


Apparently, the pattern continued in the immediate aftermath of Frank’s death.  For some unexplained reason, Robert Lashbrook never phoned for help. However, according to Armond Pastore, Lashbrook allegedly did make a disturbing call, which was overheard by the hotel operator:


“In those days all of the calls were manual.  You call the operator and you tell her what number you want and she would dial it for you.  And then she listened to see that you got connected.  When the man in the room called this number he said, ‘Well, he’s gone.’  And the man on the other end said, ‘Well, that’s too bad.’  And they both hung up.  I mean, what’s more suspicious than that? You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there’s something amiss. Or, Hamlet said, ‘There’s something rotten in Denmark.’  I mean, I knew there was something rotten at the hotel that night.”


Frank Olson knew the deepest secrets of U.S. government scientific atrocities.  These experiments spanned the globe, involving assassination, mind-control, bio warfare, and aerosol delivery of biological agents. The CIA considered Olson's conscience a national security risk, and so he was murdered.