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Spade found on Saddleworth Moor
 Could this be the spade, Ian Brady, and Myra Hindley used to bury their child victims? I'm an amateur investigator, who for 9 months has been reading about the horrific crimes committed by these two. I took an interest in the fact, that for 50 years, one victim has never been found - Keith Bennett.
 After hours of reading, and researching online of very few witness accounts and the places they enjoyed to visit on Saddleworth Moor I began to put a long and hard jigsaw together. Although hard, it also seemed simpler than could be believed, and how impossible it was the police never searched this area. Having said that, the police said they searched Hollin Brown Knoll back in the 60’s and were adamant there were no more victims in the area, only to find 20 years later that they had been walking over the grave of Pauline Read. Time and money wasted, and a family left waiting 20 years to have their daughter returned to them. 150 yards from the road, and 100 yards from Lesley Anne Downey lay Pauline Read.
A friend, of the pair, Patty, told the police that she had visited the moor lots of times with Brady and Hindley for walks always parking at the same place where there is a sign by the road, “7 miles to Oldham, 7 miles to Holmfirth.” She clearly told the police “we parked at the exact same place every time”. This admission was sufficient evidence to work with. It is recorded that they took photos of this girl “on their victims’ graves.” Brady on occasion told her to “drink from a fresh water spring” that ran beside John Kilbride’s grave.
In her statements to police Patty said they would park in the same spot, and sometimes “walk on the moor for around 10 minutes, arriving at a gully where there was a waterfall.” The police for 50 years searched an area of the moor called Shiny Brook and Hoe Grain, which by all accounts in a far more than ‘10 minutes’ walk from Hollin Brown Knoll. The police should have ruled this out as a route walked by the pair.
Brady’s account of where Keith Bennett is buried
It has been reported that Brady stated “Keith Bennett lay buried where there are sheep pens, where two streams join, a weir, and some rock formations.” The landmarks Brady gave can be found in and around Ho Grain and Shiny Brook. But, if after 50 years of searching nothing has been found, we have to ask is this the right place? After all, Brady and Hindley never confirmed it. The idea was thrust upon them due to the police obsessing over the words W/H found on his disposal plan for Edward Evans, which I'm sure would have had nothing to do with locating any grave. The disposable plan read: “W/H check periodically unmoved,” which I think was referring to an object rather than a grave. After returning twice to the moor, on both occasions Brady became confused and could not get his bearings, as stated by police Chief Peter Topping. Brady even said “this is the wrong place”. So why, we must ask, even after Brady told the police it was the wrong area, why not listen? After all if it wasn't for him Pauline Read would have never been found. We know Myra played many a tune to suit her own personal needs. Manipulating all those around her into believing she was a victim of Brady too. I don't believe this to be the case. She knew full well where all the graves were and could have ended the search at the outset. Ian Brady said in his account that the location where Keith is buried “are two streams, one with a sandy bottom, and one with stone.” Walking from Hollin Brown Knoll back north across the moor, you can follow the two steams Brady makes a clear reference. Even though the moor itself over the past 50 years has suffered a great amount of weather damage and peat corrosion, these two streams lead down to a gully which goes east towards the Yorkshire border and foot path of the Pennine Way.

Location of spade found, just as Brady described
Ian Brady also stated that after they had buried Keith, they “got lost” in what was like a “moonscape”. I personally have walked the route as described and have also been lost in a moonscape. Brady stated they ended up on the Yorkshire side of the moor. So walking east from the gully where he killed and buried Keith Bennett would have brought him out on the Pennine Way, near Kirklees. Myra stated they “got lost, and had to walk a long way back to the car.” This would also have been true, tying it in with Ian Brady’s account, as the walk from the Kirklees side back to Hollin Brown is a long way.
Now let’s look at the landmarks. Ian Brady states there are sheep pens where the two rivers join. In this image we clearly see the sheep pens, and the two rivers joining. In the next image we can see the weir Ian Brady refers to in his account/confession.
Too good to be true?
The fact remains that, after all these years, no-one has ever found any evidence whatsoever that there is a body in the other location. The fact that a spade has now been found should kick-start the police into a renewed search of Saddleworth Moor to bring Keith Bennett's family closure.
The spade
On his return to the moor in 1987, Ian Brady was taken down Ho Grain to the junction where the two rivers meet; Ho Grain and Shiny Brook. The route taken would lead them south to north. Brady stood at the junction with Police Officer Topping and stated, as he pointed to a slope on the opposite side of the stream, “There is a spade buried there”. Had they been two miles west and stood at the junction where the other streams meet, Topping would have found his spade. Both these gullies are in some ways identical, a mirror image, carved out over millennia of weather, the movement of ice glaciers, and so on. But all in all there are not that many gullies you could walk a child into, without struggling yourself as an adult.
The remains of Brady’s spade?>/div>
Ian Brady also looked out for rock formations he could not find in Shiny Brook. Those formations can be found within the area where the spade was discovered.
Above we have the rock formations Brady and Hindley were looking for. This area should be searched and focused upon by the police, as there remains still a very putrid smell in the location. I have encountered dead animals before, but this is a lot worse than anything I have ever smelt. While standing by the weir it was faint. But in and around the area it is clearly there hanging over like a mist.
Greater Manchester Police have been informed of my find but police officer Jonathan Marsden has not taken the matter further for the moment.
EDITORS NOTE: For a while Mr Levi has been in contact with our paper regarding his discovery and what he deems to be important evidence in the on-going Ian Brady case. We have not examined the spade but we have spoken to Mr Levi who has confirmed his findings are available at any time to the Greater Manchester Police.